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T H E  F R A M E W O R K  O F  O U R  A C T I V I T I E S


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we declare to comply with the following principles



We accept only orders the fullfillment of which we consider to
be within our competencies and feasible under the then ruling
conditions. Our service is directed to offering solutions which
are designed to satisfy the client's long-term interest in the best
possible way. Based on this committment we will strive for a
fruitful interaction with our clients in an atmosphere of openess
and we will not refrain from taking positions of criticism, if
required by the task and to the extent necessary.



We commit ourselves to treat all data or information that has been given
to us or has been made accessible to us or has become known by us
in what way ever when providing our service and due to a contract as
confidential, unless it is accessible by a generally unrestricted public or
has been explicitly exempted from being considered as confidential by
the person who has given the order. Persons who cooperate with us on
a free-lance basis are irrespectively of the concrete type of cooperation
held to respect requirements to treat data or information confidentially
in the same way. We may in any case use this data or information for
exclusively internal purposes and oblige ourselves explicitly to abide
by the relevant governing legal standards concerning the treatment and
proceeding of data. We want, however, to state, that the quality of our
service is to a high extent determined by the correctness and the
completeness of the data and information given to us concerning our
client's  business activities. We can therefore not accept any
responsibility or liability for problems or consequences unfavourable
to incomplete or wrong data or information given to us or to the client
due to a candidate for a job.


partnership of trust

In concordance with our business philosophy which is based among
other principles on those of seriousity and fairness we consider the
relationship to our clients as a partnership of trust which allows to
rely on known and fair conditions as a basis for a service of best
possible quality and our client's highest possible satisfaction. We are
therefore confident, that orders are substantially and formally
exclusively given to us. In the case of non-compliance with this
expectation our right to charge the client the price agreed upon will,
however, not be affected in any way.


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