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Taking care of special tasks which may be beyond

regular day to day operations requires specific knowledge

and frequently an investment of extra-time.

Even if your business organisation disposes of

sufficient resources to do this successfully

"outsourcing" might economically pay off.


It`s good to have partners who work effectively and efficiently.

         So, let's be short and concise!



  • Business consultancy

  • Stressing motivation and

    openess towards change

  • Customer orientation on the basis

    of cooperation

  • Focusing on international

    business - especially China


  • Human Resources consulting

    and recruiting support

  • Personnel selection based on

    "success potential model"

    and "real life spotlight test"

  • Consulting concerning the


    of business organisations

  • Translation/correction of

    commercial and technical

    documents and "websites"

  • Special services on request



Business or "non-profit"

organisation that wants

to be prepared in the

best possible way for

meeting the challenges of

European integration and

globalisation by relying on

appropriately selected and

internationally minded people





This is what we can do for you in the fields of searching for and recruiting human resources as well as the

"internationalisation" of your business organisation.


    We would be glad to cooperate with you!

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