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Technological and political developments have led  

to unseen change in the business environment.


To keep up with it or to become even a driving force is a demanding task,

getting into contact with ideas

a rewarding experience.



Some information on literature to be considered in this context:

The new age of innovation: driving co-created value through global networks
  by C. K. Prahalad, M. S. Krishnan
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  ISBN: 978-0-07-159828-6
Future of Human Resource Management
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HR the value proposition
  by Dave Ulrich
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  ISBN: 1-59139-707-3
Intellectual Capital: the new wealth of organizations
  by Thomas A. Stewart
  Doubleday, 1999
  ISBN: 0-385-48381-3
The human equation: building profits by putting people first
  by Jeffrey Pfeffer
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  ISBN: 0-87584-841-9
Knowledge Assets: Securing Competitive Advantage
  in the Information Economy
  by Max Boisot
  Oxford University Press, May 1998
  ISBN: 0198290861
The Infinite Resource: Creating and Leading
  the Knowledge Enterprise
  Editors: William E. Halal, R. W. Smith, Cedric Crocker
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Competing for the Future
  by Gary Hamel, C.K. Prahalad
  Harvard Business School Press, April 1996
  ISBN: 0875847161


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