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There has never been more music around

but there is still much more to discover.



musicXsound - the
- the "MUSIC-DISCOVERY" site


The website www.musicXsound.com is designed to provide a platform for
presenting and accessing music that is of good quality, but has usually had
little or no attention by most of the media or is, however, widely unknown. It
focuses on music which is recorded and/or produced by its author. The
concept "no cover-versions" is intended to attract creative musicians who
do not have the opportunity to publish and distribute their songs with the
support of big production companies.

Music titles which have been accepted can be integrated into the
  music-store offering songs for sale and instant download.
  However, those applying for uploading music must have
  the relevant intellectual property rights.There is no limitation
  concerning the genre/style of music.

Furthermore, the site offers space for musicians and bands to
  present themselves.

In addition there are ringtones - mostly taken out of songs present
  in the site - for free download.

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